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Some Facts About Us

Nearly 10 Years of History
We began publishing local skiing information shortly after the inception of the web, starting in early 1996.

Millions of Views
Each year, we receive millions of views spread across our web sites, daily emails, and wireless portal.

Over 100 Syndication Partners
Over 100 sites use our action sports content to draw in traffic and boost repeat visitation.

Nearly 7,000 Organizations Covered
We are the most inclusive action sports site with comparison information on nearly 7,000 companies and organizations.

Great Demographics
We cover both the emerging youth market and the older, well educated, affluent segment.

High Search Engine Rankings
In many instances, we rank even higher than the companies and organizations web sites that we link to!

Easy to Use Design
Our highly usable, clutter free design makes it easy for consumers to get the information they need and notice your business.